More Than Just a Jewelry Point-of-Sale Software

Push your business forward with an all-in-one modern solution built in partnership with over 100 years of jewelry industry experience.

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Built to simplify and streamline everyone's job

We've created a platform that simplifies and streamlines each position in a jewelry store, transforming key pain points into efficient processes for everyone.

A single place to access real-time customer data and efficiently handle transactions across all devices.
Streamlined repair intake, labor and material tracking and job level margin reporting.
Enriched feature set designed to simplify tasks, save significant time, and reduce the risk of errors.
Leverage a single source of truth for customer and transaction data coupled with flexible reports to drive loyalty and repeat customers.
Eliminate time consuming reconciliation between your accounting system and your POS and inventory management.
Real-time reporting and analytics provide owners and executives the data they need to make better business decisions.
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One tool that does it all

Robust clienteling and CRM
Easily capture and access comprehensive customer data from anywhere on any device. Acting as your personal sales assistant, intelligent alerts and tasks keep you a step ahead in delivering exceptional customer service.
Intuitive point-of-sale built for jewelry retail
Experience the ease and efficiency of workflows tailored specifically for special orders, repairs, custom items, and layaways. This purpose-built system streamlines the checkout process, enhancing your customers satisfaction.
Integrated payment processing
Integrated payment processing eliminates the need for reconciling payment batches, making transactions effortless. With full detailed fee breakdowns at the charge level, you will always know which types of transactions and cards are impacting your bottom line.
Streamlined job management
Know where a job stands and each step taken along the way. Effortlessly tie labor and materials together, providing a transparent view of gross margin for each job.
Simplified inventory management
Embrace a new era of inventory management tailored for jewelry retail, saving significant time and resources. Expertly navigate the complexities of your inventory, with our seamless workflows and direct accounting integrations.
Real-time reporting and analytics
Stay informed with real-time reporting and analytics, available on any device. Keep your finger on the pulse of the business across all aspects - know what customers should have come in already this year, what items in the case are driving special orders and much more.

About Us

We are a team of software experts who have personally experienced the technological gaps in the jewelry industry as consumers. Realizing that this industry deserves the modern tools that have revolutionized other retail sectors, we leveraged our in-depth technical knowledge and partnered with leading independent jewelers across the U.S. Together, we've developed a software solution that bridges this divide, ushering the jewelry industry into an era of technological innovation, improved customer experience and enhanced operational efficiency.